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juice & Smoothie
master cleanse

Give your digestive system the break it needs to reset - the perfect kickstart to healthier habits

Protocol created in collaboration with a certified holistic nutritionist for optimal health & delicious flavor


 Never frozen, processed, shipped, watered down or sugar added


​Thoughtfully-sourced ingredients are cold-pressed and never processed to leave all nutrients & enzymes 100% raw & intact


Smoothies & shakes keep you fuller longer while their fiber becomes a vehicle to expel more toxins throughout your cleanse

Which Cleanse is right for me?

Whether you want to cleanse 1, 5, or 30 days, lose or maintain weight, we have the cleanse that's right for you!

Download our cleanse guide to learn more and journal your experience.

Why the Veg'n Out Cleanse is the best in the market

We know it's a big claim, but we really really believe it. We are a local small business and that means our juice is pressed within driving distance of your home. That's as fresh and unprocessed as you can get. Plus, our cleanse includes 100% (never watered down) raw, cold-pressed juice and freshly-blended smoothies and shakes that have zero preservatives, processing or added sugar, and they are never fresh frozen or shipped. The best part is, it all tastes good too!

The recipes and cleanse protocol were created by a certified holistic nutritionist and consists of a daily regimen of cold-pressed juices, energy shots, smoothies and shakes. When we cold-press our juice, it doesn't create or apply any heat. This leaves all of the juices' nutrients and enzymes 100% intact.

We go to great length to find the very best products for your health. Ingredients are thoughtfully-sourced. Rest assured 'we won't serve your family anything we won't serve ours'. It's kind of our motto.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work, and what can I expect?


Each day you cleanse, you get a six pack of juices, smoothies, and shots. We also provide lemon(s) so every morning on an empty stomach, you can slice and squeeze half of it into a room temperature glass of water. Then, 20 minutes later, you'll have your first Mean Green Smoothie of the day.


All bottles are numbered and should be consumed every 2 to 2.5 hours depending on how you feel. You may not want the next drink yet or you may really need it. It may seem like a lot, but you don't want to wait too long between drinks, and you should try and stick with the schedule.

Will I be hungry during my cleanse?

The Veg'n Out Juice & Smoothie Master Cleanse includes three smoothies/shakes per day - our Mean Green Smoothie for breakfast and dinner and a Vanilla Nut or Wildberry Blue shake in the early afternoon. Not only do these smoothies give you the fiber that you need to continue expelling toxins throughout your cleanse, they keep you fuller longer and reduce the chance for you to become hungry, or even worse, hangry.

This is also a crucial and differentiating part of the Veg’n Out Juice & Smoothie Cleanse and where, quite frankly, many cleanses go wrong. Most juice cleanses simply kick up toxins and don’t provide a fiber-fueled vehicle to expel the toxins from the body, only for it to be reabsorbed into the body and defeat the purpose of the cleanse.

You say I won't get hungry. But what if I do?

We have a few helpful hints to keep those hunger pangs at bay:

  • Sip on water throughout the day

  • Chew your smoothies & shakes. Not only will you satisfy your mind's natural need to chew, you will also proactively prepare your gut for digestion allowing you to feel full more quickly

  • If you must eat, stick with a whole fruit or veggie that's easy to digest. Think soft like an orange or watermelon versus celery that would require digestion to break down in the gut. Do not eat anything from a package.

  • Stay on schedule. Don't wait too long between drinks

Can I have coffee during the cleanse?


No, unfortunately not. This is why it is super helpful to limit coffee consumption to one cup of organic coffee a day starting two-to-three days prior to your cleanse. Quitting cold turkey during a cleanse can lead to headache. If you find yourself in this position and you think coffee will help, that is the only time we recommend to drink a cup. We don't ever want you to feel bad, and it can happen depending on your regular coffee consumption rate and routine. You may drink green tea as a nice replacement.

Will I be able to work, or will I be running to the bathroom every few minutes?


The first day of your cleanse, you'll empty your digestive track as you normally would. Day two is where the fiber from the smoothies really starts to come into play to help you continue to expel throughout your cleanse. Because your body is using all the nutrients from the juice to fuel your body, without the smoothies, you might stop eliminating altogether and become concerned about potential constipation. A bottle of Aloe Water would help in this instance to lubricate the insides while providing so many wonderful healing properties at the same time.

So, to answer your question, yes you can go to work and should not be running to the bathroom due to uncontrollable or loose bowel movements.

How can I prepare for my cleanse?

To have the best cleanse experience possible, it is beneficial to clean up your diet two-to-three days prior to your start date. To do so:


  • Eat minimal animal products and make sure they are organic

  • Eliminate processed foods

  • Eat more organic fruits & vegetables

  • Limit caffeine to one cup of organic coffee per day

  • Limit alcohol consumption

  • Drink coconut water & purified water

It is also helpful to have peppermint oil on hand just in case you get a headache. It's a great natural remedy you simply dab onto your temples.

I'm afraid I won't like the taste of the cleanse. Can I customize it?


The Veg'n Out Juice & Smoothie Master Cleanse is super tasty. A cleanse doesn't have to taste bad just because it's healthy. If you want to try our juices prior to purchasing a cleanse, please visit our retail store in Lake Nona Town Center, order delivery on Grub Hub, Uber Eats, Postmates or DoorDash, or find us in the Lake Nona Performance Club.

Unfortunately, we are unable to customize juices because we make them in batches, but if you have an allergy, let us know and we can provide a replacement juice for any that does have the ingredient in them. Smoothies can be blended to accommodate allergies.

What should I do if I have an allergy or food sensitivity? 


Unfortunately, we cannot customize juices but we can make substitutions and adjust smoothies. All of our products are naturally gluten and soy free. Our shakes include almond milk but they can easily be made with water. With your order, simply note any allergy concerns you have and we will contact you with any questions. 

Can I exercise on the cleanse?

Yes, movement is fantastic during a cleanse but don't overdo it. Yoga, bouncing on a rebounder, walking, running, dancing, will only help the detox process as toxins exit your body through the skin and sweat. While movement and sweating are fantastic during a detox, don't overdue with a long distance run or tournament during your cleanse. Take it easy!

If you're an athlete who wants to cleanse while continuing to perform at peak performance, our Protein Cleanse may be right for you. We simply replace your afternoon detox shake with a protein shake that boasts 28 grams or plant protein.

How can I take my cleanse to the deepest level?

There are a few ways to optimize the cleansing process. Before your cleanse, buy a dry body brush and/or tongue scrapper. Before your shower, briskly brush your body from the end of your appendages to your heart using short strokes. For sensitive areas and the belly, use small, circular movements. Use the tongue scraper after brushing your teeth to gently scrape away any white film or buildup on the top of the tongue.

For the deepest cleanse, consider an enema, colonic or the herbal laxative, Senna. Coffee enemas are all the trend and can also be administered at home. 

I am prone to headaches. What can I do if I get one?

Day one of the cleanse is the hardest for most people, typically lethargy and a slight headache in the early evening. 


If you get a caffeine headache, do have sips or organic, black coffee or green tea. We recommend that you switch to a organic coffee brand because it's a pesticide-rich crop. Non-GMO and fairtrade brands are not equitable options in our opinion.

Also, keep peppermint oil readily available. It is amazing what a dab on the temples will do. Lastly, if you purchase the three-day cleanse, don't hesitate to swap Drop the Beet from your day three 6-pack. People use it regularly to help manage their migraine pain.

What else should I know that I might not be able to anticipate?

There is the chance that you may feel lethargic or have no energy at some point during the cleanse. When this happens, it is typically in the early evening on day one. It will pass. Don't give up; you can do hard things. We always recommend that you go to bed early (if you can), and we promise, you will wake up the next morning feeling like a new person. 

Take notes and go with the flow. Each cleanse experience is different. You may get a headache or be lethargic or, just as easily, on top of the world. Use a journal to listen and get in touch with your feelings, your intuition and what your body and inner self is telling you. Depending on why you are cleansing and what you have to cleanse, many people will experience an emotional cleansing or shedding too. Reflect on how you feel when you feel it.

Incorporate meditation & warm oil massages. Want to feel good, not just body, but mind and spirit too? Each morning of your cleanse, when you wake and before you have the chance to think, practice five minutes of deep breathing. You can also incorporate a quick oil massage to remove tension and start the day relaxed and in the right mindset. Any body oil will do but almond oil is recommended. Start with your ears, face, neck, arms, hands, legs and feet. 

Should I add Aloe Water to my cleanse?

Everyone won’t need extra help eliminating. We recommend that anyone getting a two-or three-day cleanse, add one Aloe Water to their order. While everyone benefits from Aloe Water, If you have IBS, are regularly constipated, or need extra internal healing, you especially should consider adding it to your order.

How long are the juices and smoothies in my cleanse fresh?

The Veg’n Out Juice Cleanse is not pasteurized or high pressure processed and does not contain any preservatives. For the best nutrient content and taste, consume your juice within a few days of the expiration date on the bottle. Never drink from a bottle that is 'bloated'.

Where can I find nutritional information about the cleanse?

The Veg’n Out Juice & Smoothie Master Cleanse boasts between 1600 and 1700 calories each day. While smoothies are simple to calculate, juices are more difficult because juice calculations represent pre-press produce versus post-production juice once organic matter/pulp has been removed.

Who created the cleanse recipes and protocol?

Veg’n Out partners with  holistic nutritionist and meditation teacher, Rachel Hilinski, for balanced menu items that deliver optimal digestion. Click here to visit Rachel online and join her community.

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