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breathwork + ice bath
for health, longevity & recovery

Increase stress resilience: Over time, regular exposure to ice baths allows your nervous system to get used to handling moderate levels of stress. You'll build resilience that helps you keep a cool head the next time you're in a stressful situation.


Recover faster: Reduce inflammation, muscle pain and soreness after a workout session or sports practice/event.

Lose fat: Activate the production of brown fat that generates energy by burning calories to produce heat.


Strengthen your immune response: Increase the number of white blood cells (monocytes) in your body, helping it to protect against diseases and unwanted substances.


Build mental fortitude: It takes mental strength and determination to endure the cold for an extended period of time. Adding ice baths and cold showers into your routine will strengthen your mind and deliver benefits across many aspects of your life.

Thu, sept 22, 4PM & 5PM Sessions

Every participant receives the education, instruction and coaching you'll need throughout your session.


At the conclusion of your bath, each attendee will get a FREE Veg'n Out Juice Shot and will receive a special bonus ($200 value) from our friends at Spartan!

  • 1 Adult Entry to the Central Florida Sprint 5k 12/10-11

  • 1 Child Entry to the Central Florida Kids Race

  • 20% off Coupon Code for the Whole Family to Join

Don't delay, register today. Space is limited.

During the registration process, you'll select a 4pm or 5pm start time. Sessions will run from 4-4:50 and 5-5:50.

stay tuned for more dates to come

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