Get The Skinny On The Juice Cleanse Trend

A juice cleanse allows the body to rest from its daily duty of digestion and to release built-up toxins – healing from the inside out, kick-starting weight loss, and providing a fresh start to healthy eating habits.

The moderate amount of calories and an abundance of vitamins and minerals from whole fruits and vegetables, leaves the body refreshed, nourished, and in a state of natural euphoria due to the cleanse's rich anti-inflammatory compounds that boost the immune system, increase energy, regulate blood sugar, and prevent heart disease.

How to pick a cleanse from a sea of perceived sameness

All cleanses are not created equal because all juice is not created equal. Make sure you understand how your juice is produced to the best of your ability. Labeling laws do not require processing agents and pasteurization to be identified. For optimal health benefits, we recommend the cleanse be raw and cold-pressed. This means the cleanse has not been pasteurized, leaving enzymes and nutrients completely intact.

Many cleanses allow you to build a custom package of juices. We don’t see a lot of value in this as you aren’t a juice cleanse expert. Look for a cleanse that offers a prescribed plan of action and gives you specific instructions to follow for optimal results. You want to know your cleanse was thoughtfully created with ingredients combined for synergy of their health benefits.

For example, the Veg’n Out Juice Cleanse was created by a holistic nutritionist, is cold-pressed in-house using organic ingredients without any processing agents or preservatives, and it incorporates daily probiotics that leave your gut squeaky clean and full of good-for-you bacteria.

Commit to a cleanse & prepare a few days in advance

Two to five days prior to your cleanse (depending on the length of your cleanse), eat healthy. Limit caffeine to one cup of organic coffee per day, drink coconut or purified water, eliminate processed foods, and increase your intake of organic fruits and vegetables while significantly reducing your consumption of animal products.

Get the most out of your cleanse

Cleansing is more than a physical experience; it is often emotional and spiritual too.

Listen to your intuition and what your body tells you. Journal how your body responds to your cleanse, and reflect on how you feel when you feel it. In the future, you will be empowered to use specific superfood combinations to heal your body and soul from the inside out.

Enhance your cleanse with mindful movement, stretching, meditation and affirmations, and be sure to stay on track with the cleanse schedule so you don’t find yourself hungry, or even worse, hangry.

A unique aspect of the Veg’n Out Cleanse is that it incorporates smoothies for optimal fiber absorption that also helps keep you satisfied throughout the day. We think this is where many cleanses, quite frankly, fall short – kicking up toxins without the necessary fiber to expel all of the juices’ powerful enzymes, allowing them to be reabsorbed into the body and negating the purpose of the cleanse.

After the cleanse

You will be on a euphoric cloud nine at the end of your cleanse with a strong and strange desire to chew. Light and debloated, you will be intimately aware of how a heavy meal would feel in your stomach.

Slowly integrate food back into your diet, incorporating whole fruits and vegetables while avoiding dairy and gluten. The gut can be sensitive to food intolerance at this time. Eat foods that are grown in the soil, such as potatoes. They are grounding and will help balance out your natural high.

A juice cleanse doesn’t sound easy, but it can be, and it is so worth the experience for your mind, body and soul.