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Find Balance & Inner Peace In Seven Days With The Refresh Challenge

COVID-19 has drained us mentally and emotionally. Overnight, breadwinners became virtual school teachers, nurses became unsung heroes, and those fortunate to keep their jobs were asked to deliver more even faster. We are spent, on edge, and need to cope. The good news is, we can if we take this time during social distancing to reflect and refresh our mind, body and spirit.

Seven days is all it takes

Last week, the Be.Live.Change program launched it's quarterly challenge, the Refresh Challenge a week-long program that runs April 19-25 and was created by holistic nutritionist and meditation guide, Rachel Hilinski, to help people learn how to create sustainable habits for living happier and healthier.

A simple set of repeatable activities that focus on nutrition, stress management, movement, sleep, alternative healthcare therapies, and mindful empowerment become an inner shield against the chaos of the outside world – that job you can’t control, the kids arguing in the background during a conference call, anything that attempts to stifle your positive energy. With your physical energy relaxed and centered, it shifts to go with the flow of life and allows new perspectives to shine through: intention, gratitude, and the ability to let tomorrow’s worry stay a day away.

Three ways to participate

  • Level 1: Participate in the Refresh Challenge for one low household price The program is virtual with a digital package of instructions and full-day meal plan with dinner recipes created by local, plant-based chef and author of the Simply Swapped cookbook, Carly Paige. Nightly emails prepare you for the day ahead. They include guided videos for breathwork, mindful movement that incorporates light stretching and yoga from Alight & Aligned, and daily meditations with thoughtful affirmations incorporated. You will also be invited to join the exclusive Be.Live.Change Facebook community for virtual engagement with other program participants.

  • Level 2 Cleanse: Incorporate a 3-day juice & smoothie cleanse to detox and boost immunity The Be.Live.Change program is offered across the nation, but local Orlando and Lake Nona residents have a unique opportunity to incorporate the three-day Veg'n Out Juice & Smoothie Cleanse. You will simply follow the tier two meal plan within your instruction package.

  • Level 2 Cleanse & Meal Plan Bundle: Stay at home with Veg'n Out To take the program a step further during this time of social distancing, we wanted to make it easy for you to participate without having to leave home. Those who take advantage of the Veg'n Out Juice & Smoothie cleanse and Refresh Challenge tier two meal plan can have the shopping list pre-prepped and delivered in three convenient and contact-free drops throughout the week.

As the world stands still, let’s reflect, refocus & refresh

The Refresh Challenge is an easy and uplifting journey that's fun for the whole family and for friends to do together. It requires little more than simply engaging in the prescribed activities for seven days, and the rest falls into place naturally. Let's do it together!

If the time to refresh isn’t now, then when?

Don’t miss your opportunity to come out on the other side of this pandemic balanced and better than before. Learn more about the Refresh Challenge here and the Veg’n Out Juice Cleanse and Tier 2 Meal Plan bundle here.


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