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 After a medical diagnosis and deep reflection about our life purpose, we decided to share our love of truly healthy and fulfilling food that leaves you feeling good from the inside out.


Medical Diagnosis


Believed we were health-conscious consumers until we received a Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis while applying to obtain life insurance

Began following Doctor- and Dietician-recommended protocols for medicine and food


Transitioned to a
Plant-Based Lifestyle

One medication had become three

After a friend's recommendation, decided to give plant-based a try for 30 days

All meds were stopped immediately & diabetes were gone within six months


Found Our Purpose


Began to manifest Veg'n Out

Built an A+ advisory board

Convinced landlord & lenders to believe and support our vision

Built out & opened our doors during a National pandemic


Executed Our Vision

Built relationships with the community - residents, guests & other small business owners


Expanded our juice business into the Orlando International Airport

Introduced the market's first
Smart Coolers at the Lake Nona Performance Club

Low Calorie Salad


Your health always comes first. We believe you can live a healthy life without feeling like you're giving-anything-up (such as flavor) to do so.

We go to great length to thoughtfully source our plant-based whole foods. We won't sacrifice your health for profit. We like to say 'if we won't feed it to our family, we won't feed it to yours.'

We use, and buy items with, minimal and clean processing standards. The means the great majority of our offerings are made in-house to avoid natural flavorings, additives, or other environmentally unfriendly and totally unnecessary ingredients and preservatives.

Our menu is 100% vegan and its focus is whole-food plant based. But, we honestly don't like labels and believe everyone can benefit from incorporating more fruits and vegetables into their diet on a regular basis.



Deceptive marketing in the name of 'health' is offensive. We don't tolerate, partner or support any business or product that aims to nefariously profit off Lake Nona residents and guests, and we have no issue calling it out when we see it.

We don't serve processed, plant-based meats. You can be vegan and unhealthy. These meats have their place in helping Americans eat more plants, but they should still be considered junk food that's eaten in moderation.

We don't use any processed powders or products that contain additives, fillers, flavorings, or promises of health. If your smoothie is made with powders, syrup, added sugar or processed sweeteners, it's too good to be true. Don't believe the hype that anything other than whole foods equal health.




Plant-based diets are the future.

Before the pandemic, 39% of Americans were already actively trying to incorporate more plant-based foods into their diet for one of six major reasons.

Each of those reasons bring a story, and we just love getting to know you. You inspire us as much as we inspire you.

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